Thursday, August 19, 2010

Country Boy

I am so excited. I contracted to publish my first M/M book with Extasy Books. My novella, Country Boy, is all about a well, country boy, who wins a spa holiday vacation package to the Caribbean, only to discover that it's a gay resort. And he's not gay. Nope. Never. Not all all.
Or, is he?
My gorgeous cover arrived today and it all seems to be real now.
This idea came to me after a dear friend of mine won a trip to a nudist colony and he's so buttoned-up it was the nightmare of his life. I took the idea and turned it around. And around and around.
I live in Ojai, a couple of hours north of Los Angeles. Most of the town is about a 90 minute drive, but I live in the foothills of Topa Topa and know all about country boys.
Being gay is not exactly the hottest thing you can be in Ojai, one of the few places left with organe groves and real-life cowboys. It's old-time California and it's peaceful, calm and soooo not gay.
I am excited about my book because it addresses a lot of the ideas I feel about gay life, straight life and areas in between. As I sat writing it, I would look out of the window in the evenings at sunset to watch what we call The Pink Moment, a point when the sky is infused with a sweet, pink hue.
I almost called the book The Pink Moment because just as improbable as a pink sky might seem, so is a man who discovers his true sexuality late in life, and yet, we know it is true.
I write what I know, I write what I believe. On this day when gay marriage is still on hold in California, I have to believe in my dreams, and I have to believe in pink moments.


  1. Congrats onthe book, cover and entry into the publishing world!

  2. I so love boys who love boys! LOL! And, it's a nice change to read about a world I know nothing about... then again, loving boys is all I know about, so it seems we have something in common. LOL!
    Congrats and best of luck!